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a woman in the face at a new york city nightclub. >>> today on channel 2 at 5, we're on storm watch again. the places that could get the hardest rain, plus the forecast for your neighborhood. we're always here for you. thank you for trusting us for your news.
. authorities say rail lines in to new york city running but the storm has caused the canceling of more than 600 flight across the country today. >>> and call ahead if you or someone you know is flying today. sfo said 11 arrivals have been canceled, six from jfk and two from philadelphia. one departure for newark was canceled and there may be more later today. so far the volume is lighter than yesterday when the storm canceled 31 flights to and from the bay area. >> well a lot has happened over the past couple hours with the first reports of rainfall in the north bay. right now we have a lot of cloud cover and rain drops from the clouds as well. live storm tracker 2 radar confirms that. you can see the coverage with the live doppler sweep. those greens at least indicate moderate downpours, yellows and reds link up with heavier rain. you will notice this action already moving out to san francisco. this is a quick mover but some strong -- strong winds around 15 to 20 miles an hour and heavier rain across the bay bridge. you can see precipitation -- nearly a three quarters inch an hour. we will co
the stormy weather relm it is as you can see sunny, over 50 degrees there in new york city. in addition to people along the parade route 50 million people watched the festivities on tv. >>> a thanksgiving tradition that has nothing to do with turkey begins today. the san francisco auto shop is at mosconi stir that features 800 cars and you will have a chance to drive 40 of those cars, it is the first time that opportunity has been offered. the show runs through monday. >>> we have posted more details about the show on our website. go to and look under hot topics for the web links section. >>> muni riders will soon be able to find out about delays on their route by checking their smart phone. muni says it is testing a smart phone app called muni plus that will offer a realtime service map and transit alternatives. muni says bugs with the app are still being worked out and will not be ready until at least february. >>> coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. the mars rover curiosity has made a major discovery on the red planet. ktvu health and science editor john fowler will ha
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3